Free E-Book Library

This is our Free E-Book Library, it contains all of the downloadable PDFs and E-Books we currently have available. Inside, you'll be able to find (and download to keep), things like:

  • The Service Dog Training Pyramid, a PDF showing you how we think about a service dog's training, working through the training in stages, each stage building on the one before
  • The First Seven Days E-Book, an e-book walking you through the first seven days Kate spent with her most recent Service Dog Prospect. It covers the day she picked him up as an 8 puppy, how she handled travel, the first nights, and so much more.
  • The Stages of Public Access PDF and checklist, a PDF outlines the four stages of public access we teach to our students and how to know when your dog is ready to move through them.

*It is always your job to keep you and your dog safe at all times. These free resources are not substitutes for a professional trainer.