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We're dedicated to helping owner trainers use positive reinforcement more effectively to train their service dogs.

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Skills for both ends of the leash 

Owner training isn't just about your dog's skills. It's also about your skills. Because the more skills you have, the more success you'll have with your dog.

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We have run a lot of Free Webinars over the years. Usually, we run them live and leave the replay up for only a limited time. Now, we're in the process of updating some of our most popular ones, so that we can offer the replays here, with no time limits.

Below you can find our upcoming webinars. Watch our Facebook group for date announcements to catch it live before the replay is available on this website.

Advanced Beginnings

How you start your puppy's training matters, it can set you up for long term success, or extra challenges. This webinar is all about we use a concept called advanced beginnings to jump start our puppies training. We'll cover things like:

- What you should be focusing on with your puppy

-What foundation training really is

-How to get started on the right track

-How to do "socialization" the right way


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Surviving, and thriving, during adolescence

Service dog training is never as challenging as when we're working through adolescence:

The rebellion, the selective hearing, the over-sociability, the fear periods, the total loss of any training I’ve done in the past.

But, armed with the right knowledge, mindset, and making a few very specific changes, we can not just survive, but THRIVE during this developmental phase.

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Effective efficient service dog training skills

Here's the deal. There is a science that underpins dog training. Learn to harness it and your training becomes more effective and more efficient, meaning you get more done in less time. These are the skills and pieces of knowledge that every owner trainer should have.

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